so much thouhst on my mind

This  is my profile  on second life


Im a simple Dutch girl  that loves art in any form. dancing, pictures taking , modeling  and my latest love my Cutie Pack. My Cutie Pack are my kitties from KittyCats. Now it has been over a year already from he day i rezzed… yay my rezz  birhday did pass already  but that is to show how  fast every day goes by. I still remember like going into 3  or  4 montsh ago when i decided to model and had asked in the secondlife forums about info. The replies were pretty discouraging but  they helped me put my mind straight to what i really wanted and if i was ready to take the extra mile to reach it and like something destined to happen i didn’t felt discouraged. It made me want it even more and fight harder to reach there. who would had thought 3 months back i would walk in shows? I can say im not near as close to wear i want to be  but its a start and i will work to reach there. After all when your mind is set to something the only person that can keep you from it  is yourself and nobody else.

So till then..





Its great to see the progress i have made in these 8 months, to this i have to really thank the people i have met on my road of becoming a model. They have helped me slowly in finding the real person i am and represent me in the way i want others to see me. I sti have so much more to learn but believe me even when its from secondlife experience I am learning great deal about my self in real too and I ma very grateful of meeting so many good people that  no matter the distance made me feel like family and friend.

p.s. I still have my kitties, just not the shop but still loves kittycats ;P

Tot ziens


Update 27/4/13



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