Sponser & Me

Blogger Policies:

First of all I want to thank you for showing interest in my blog and considering me as a blogger for your store.

Almost everything i wear has been purchased by myself or has been gifts given in groups or shops. most of them groups that require a fee to join.

If you like my work and you would like me to blog your items,please feel free to contact me inworld By notecard with your information detailed and clear expectations on it. One important thing; I post once a week sometimes more but but I do ask an unlimited waiting time for a post due to my real and busy second life schedule.

I may or may not post everything send to me, I am very flexible but they still must fit my style.

I will not always post an outfit or skin with shape fully because i love to mix and match item to still be me and show the product in the way i love it and give others more ideas to style.

Feel free to send me any questions before you consider sending me the product, im very versatile with taste but still remember if i don’t feel the style I reserve the right to decline the request.

thank you so much for checking out my Blog


I will be slowing down with my blog due to, pageant, contest and fashion shows, but I will be able to post once a week or more than that depends my inspiration. Thank you for your understanding.

Here is a small List of the stores i officially blog for:

AFI Designs
**BN** designs
Egoisme/ Evian
Lolipop F@shion
Vista Animation
7 Deadly s{K}ins


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